How home photography can highlight your joinery work

How home photography can highlight your joinery work

We’re experts on home photography; while we work with a lot of real estate agents, carpenters also realise the value of showcasing their products in a home setting. When you’ve got a portfolio website, there’s a chance you’ve got a huge audience. With proper photography, your clients won’t need to struggle to imagine how your work would look in their home, because it would be right in front of them. They’d see exactly how good your work is, and could start to imagine it in their own home.

Ludbrooks Joinery are confident in their work, so when they were asked to work on a house in Newtown, Victoria, they thought it’d be a great opportunity to get some shots that showcase what they do. The owners of this house had a grand design that included custom carpentry for all the major rooms, work on the staircase, walk-in wardrobes and even custom media units.

There’s nothing like first-class cabinetry, and this can be seen in the kitchen and the dining room. Custom cabinetry and shelving can help make the most of the available space in your home and give it a tidy and appealing look throughout.

Another significant advantage of home photography for your carpentry is that it can really showcase the finish. One of the best things about custom carpentry is that the client can select the exact woods they want, and that sense of quality is something that really shines through when looking at the final product.

In short, pictures tell a thousand words. When learning more about your business and your work, clients are likely to casually browse for information about you. Nothing gives your audience more confidence in your services than to see results, provided by happy clients who are eager to show off their new home.