Photography for Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast Builders

If you’re a builder, home photography can showcase what you’re best at

A modern construction business is about so much more than building things. Thanks to social media, reaching out to your customers is becoming a multimedia experience. It can be tough, but if you do it right, the rewards are there. Photography and video give an opportunity to persuade your audience before you’ve even met them. It helps people imagine themselves living in your property, it helps them build an emotional connection and it nudges them to become your customers. All this, without even setting foot in the showroom.

We worked with a builder who’d just finished a home in Newtown, Victoria. Not only did they feel like they’d done a good job, but they also felt that it was a job they wanted to share. That’s where we came in. We’ve got lots of experience in photographing homes, not just giving an impression of the building, but photography that really shows the audience the sort of lifestyle they can expect with the property.

We knew we could do a good job because the house itself was such a great showpiece. They’d taken a unique approach to the design that resulted in high ceilings and large panoramic windows, which made for great shots and really showed off how light and airy the house was. Their choice of materials was also visually impressive, relying on wooden flooring throughout and stone surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. All in all, it looked high-end and it was a pleasure to shoot.

We like to think that we’re telling a story with our photography, which might be why builders and estate agents are some of our most common clients. They’re not just selling buildings, they’re selling homes, which is why all of our photography aims to show people a space they’d like to live in.