Record Real Estate Price in Curlewis

Our expert photography helped one estate agent secure a record price

We’re passionate about photography. We know it’s an art but we also know our clients want results. In the case of one estate agent who hired us, that’s exactly what we got when they sold a property for a record price. In this post, we’re going to look at some of the reasons why photography can be such an important part of your sales process and help push up your bottom line.

We don’t need to tell you that the real estate market can be hectic. Sometimes the properties sell themselves, but the higher end of the market can often be a bit different. While home photography can help draw interest in any property, it really comes into its own with unique properties that offer benefits you won’t find elsewhere. That’s when showcasing a home can really reach the customer, and potentially increase the asking price.

We worked with Jack Cassin from the agency Barry Plant Geelong to demonstrate all the benefits of an exclusive home in Curlewis. It was a seafront property with unique views in a sought-after neighbourhood, but even so, seeing is still believing, and that’s just what we aimed to offer to the audience. We took both walkthrough and aerial footage to fully showcase not just the ample and welcoming space, but also the charming and scenic neighbourhood. The views were a key feature of this home, and we felt we captured that perfectly thanks to our experience in arranging properties to show off their best features. We even took both day and night footage just to demonstrate the ambience of the property and neighbourhood.

Thanks to our work, people could begin to imagine themselves living in the property before they’d even booked an appointment. We feel the results speak for themselves, because we didn’t just deliver promotional material, we delivered an experience. And, importantly, we know our estate agent clients were satisfied because the house was sold for a record price.