The Importance of Great Real Estate Portrait Photos

Not many people, like standing in front of a camera to get their headshot taken, it’s awkward and most of us feel insecure.  In this age of digital marketplace and social media, using your photo can help you stand out in an oversaturated market and establish your brand awareness. 

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get a great portrait photo that’s going to get noticed. 

Real Estate Agents are in the business of relationships. One of the best ways to forge a solid relationship is to show your face and personality through a well-shot portrait photograph. Clients need a face that they can trust to help sell their biggest asset. 

Using a photo shot 10 years ago when you had a little more hair or fewer wrinkles can make you look a little disingenuous. Using a photo that’s been shot with an iPhone is just going to look unprofessional. Make sure your portraits work for you, avoid these common mistakes, and get serious with your own brand.

As a photography company, we have worked with many real estate agents to help get their digital marketing and personal brand up to a level that they are extremely proud of. We here at Abode Productions have put together the ultimate guide for getting a great real estate agent headshot even if you aren’t photogenic and a little awkward in front of the camera. In this world of social media and digital marketing, you have to be seen to be successful and these super tips will help create the best headshots. A professional headshot photoshoot may seem intimidating at first, but after reading these tips I’m sure you’ll be ready to get shot and get noticed. 

Geelong Real Estate Portrait Photo Example

Are Real Estate Agent Headshots Important?

Yes!!! It’s how people find you. By nature we are programmed to recognise faces, it’s so important in fact, that we have a part of the brain solely devoted to the task called the fusiform gyrus.

You probably already work hard networking and getting referrals via word of mouth referrals, but statistics show that a whopping 99% of Millennials (birth years the mid-1990s to early 2000s) search for property online followed by 91% of Boomers (birth years 1946ish to 1964ish)

You need to be focusing on your online presence and getting professional headshots will instantly make it more likely that you and your personal brand gets noticed and contacted.

Geelong Real Estate Portrait Photo Example

You never get a second chance at a first impression

Studies show that when you first meet someone, we are programmed evolutionary to rate your trustworthiness, likability, friendlessness and competence. This all happens within 1/10th of a second. The study also showed that once a first impression is made only a long-term relationship can change this.

You got to think to yourself if a picture is worth a thousand words… then the first impression could be worth thousands of dollars for you and your business.

You’ve probably seen a few real estate headshots in the past that have made you cringe, this guide will help you get the best headshots for you and your brand.

Your portrait headshots matter, in part two we will provide you with some useful info to get the best headshots possiable.

Geelong Real Estate Portrait Photo Example