• Chris

    Christopher Pearce

    Photographer, Videographer, UAV Pilot

    This is Chris, He is a photographer, videographer and Chief UAV pilot here at Abode Productions. Chris has been passionately working in the real estate & property media industry for the past 8 years. Originally from Tasmania, Chris moved to Victoria after graduating with a Master of Fine Arts and Design from the University of Tasmania. Here, he met his...

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  • Kara

    Kara Pearce

    Production Coordinator

    This is Kara, she is the production coordinator here at Abode Productions. A Geelong native, Kara has been working as a production coordinator for the last 13 years, 8 of which have been in the Real Estate media industry. Kara graduated with honours from La Trobe University then started her professional career as a production coordinator. This saw her move...

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  • Przemek 480x480px

    Przemek Kasperski

    Post-Production Coordinator, Graphic Designer

    This is Przemek, Post Production Coordinator, and graphic designer here at Abode Productions. Przemek has been working as a photographer for over 12 years and also as 2D/3D graphic designer for numerous companies. He loves playing with the visual aspects of various projects and pushing creative boundaries.   Przemek lives in Poland with his family, his passion is music composing,...

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  • Vadym Levchuk

    Vadym Levchuk

    Video Editor

    This is Vadym, our remote video editor here at Abode Productions. Vadym is deeply passionate about the art of video editing and has more than 10 years of experience working for television stations in the Ukraine.  After giving up the stress of an office day job, Vadym now works exclusively with high end real estate, construction and commercial video content....

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  • Kiki and Strahi

    Kiki and Strahi Zlatanovic

    Aerial, Site and Floor Plan Designers.

    This is Kiki and Strahi, a power couple based in Serbia who are responsible for our aerial plans, site plans, and other visuals. Kiki has been working as a marketing, event manager, and designer for various companies before starting her journey with Strahi. Prior to opening their studio in 2017, Strahi had been successfully freelancing as a graphic designer for 5...

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