Real Estate

Get a listing that will set you apart

Give your clients something to talk about before they've even set foot in your property. If they're in love from the start, it will be the quickest sale you'll ever make.

We can improve your listing and highlight the best features of your property, thanks to high-quality photography. We're known for vibrant shots that help your clients imagine the lifestyle they could have in your property. We'll capture the best angles of any apartment, suburban home or a sky-rise building. Distinctive images will have clients eager to buy or rent from first glance.

We offer a quick 24-hour turnaround and deliver photography that's optimised for both online and print.

We don’t miss a thing.

We have a workflow that's optimised to get the best photographs possible, including preparation instructions for effective results. We pride ourselves on finding what makes your property unique and showcasing its best features, exclusive location and beautiful surroundings. Our experience in photography lets us not only capture the selling points but also present them in an appealing way.

Ask us how we can help

Our real estate photography packages are flexible and affordable, and we’re happy to tailor our services to what you need.

We love working with new clients. Let’s chat and make something beautiful.

We offer a complete package

Real estate marketing is most effective as a complete service. We ensure every angle is covered and that your property is shown in its best light:

  • Virtual staging lets buyers place virtual furniture into our photography. Kickstart your buyer's imagination and remove doubt by letting your audience customise their experience from the start
  • Virtual twilight photography offers virtual twilight versions of daytime photos. It can add an extra layer of enchantment and make your listing stand out
  • Aerial photography and videography are the best way to showcase a location. Many of the properties we work on have unique settings and aerial shots can really highlight this as a selling point
  • Lifestyle photographs show off the area surrounding a property and have your audience dreaming of the lifestyle and business returns they could enjoy
  • Real estate videography can provide stunning walkthroughs, personalised introductions and achieve a memorable first impression
  • Graphic design services complete the package. We offer services to produce brochures, posters, website graphics and social media content.

We can help you with any property

Our photography can enhance the marketing of any property. Whether it's a development site, office, farm, warehouse or industrial estate. A lot of our photography has a personal feel but we can also get results with larger properties; from a sprawling rural estate to a towering sky-rise, our aerial photography services can help you capture the scale of your listing.

Building and Construction

Images to build your business.

Build your company’s marketing strategy with Abode Productions’ construction and building photography options.

We offer high-end imagery to suit any architectural, construction, building, editorial or development project. Our team will capture your building projects with vibrant, high-resolution photographs, perfect for online portfolios or for growing your company’s audience on social media. We can photograph any construction or building project – large or small, residential or industrial.

Build your reputation.

You’ve done incredible work – now it’s time to show it off. We deliver high-quality imagery worthy of award submissions and international attention. As the next round of building or architecture awards approaches, we can help you prepare. We’ll put our years of photographic industry experience to work to bring your project to the world, highlighting the designs, materials, shapes, lines and ideas you worked so hard to build.

Move with industry trends.

For building companies looking to take their business to new heights, we are happy to assist with additional services that align with current industry trends. Think aerial photographs of your buildings, engaging designs for your website and social media posts, and attention-grabbing video content your future clients will want to watch.

Packages constructed just for you.

We’re proud to offer building and construction photography packages that are flexible and affordable. We are happy to tailor our services to meet your individual needs, no matter the size of your business or project.

If you’d like to find out how construction photography could help you build your business, get in touch.


Visuals to make an impression.

Make a strong first impression with Abode Productions’ commercial photography services. We create unique images to promote your business, grow your sales and drive brand awareness in an increasingly online marketplace. With a wide range of photography and graphic design services, we can deliver striking visuals to help your business stand out among all the noise. Our team can tailor our work to suit any business, whether you run a restaurant, a repair shop or a real estate company. We’ll use stunning images to help you tell the story of your brand and show everyone how great your product is.

Creativity to fit your business.

We can create any type of photograph you think will best suit your business – whether it’s something creative and intriguing or plain and simple.

Abode Productions provides a range of creative options we can put to work for your business, including portrait and product photos, internal and external shots, aerial footage, and lifestyle photography. We do everything from social media content creation to employee portraits to product photography for websites, and we do it well.

We offer comprehensive consultations to ensure we understand the aims and ethos of your business and your current business campaign. This allows us to deliver images that epitomise your unique organisation each and every time. If you’re looking for a complete package to grow your brand, we also offer design services for everything from menus to social media posts. We can even create polished promotional videos – check out our video page to see some examples of what we do.


Aerial perspectives to get people talking.

Put your marketing strategy above the rest with Abode Productions’ aerial photography and videography packages. Using our specialist drones, we’ll fly high to capture unique content that will set your project apart.

From the skies, we can record breath-taking views, entire residential properties, sporting stadiums, city skylines, documentary footage or rural acreage in stunning detail – the possibilities are endless. Whatever your project, we’ll get creative to obtain the right aerial shots for you.

Sky’s the limit.

Our aerial photography is perfect for capturing everything from eye-catching angles to unique perspectives.

It’s especially helpful for showcasing large areas of land. We can photograph anything from development sites to vineyards, industrial properties to residential homes, commercial properties to estates, and farms to beaches. Aerial photographs make a charming addition to real estate listings, showcasing the size, location and unique surroundings of your property.

For real estate agents, we can use videography to create a personalised introduction and sweeping flyover shots to send your listing engagement skywards. We provide aerial photography services to fit any situation, including rural, residential, lifestyle and everything in between.


Pictures you’ll be proud of.

We know how to make your portrait look great and create images you’ll adore.

Our team uses a high-quality portrait lens to take your photograph, paired with careful lighting. We then spend time in post-production, adding finishing touches to ensure your images come out looking perfect. The setting and style of your portrait is up to you. For a corporate look, we can take your photograph in your office. If you’re after something brighter or more natural, we can shoot you outdoors in natural light.

No matter the setting, we guarantee you will look wonderful.

A head above the rest.

Put your best face forwards for your clients with an updated professional portrait. Abode Productions offer portrait photography services to agents and staff within the real estate industry. We’re familiar with industry trends and expectations, and deliver images that will help you stand out in a busy market.

It’s quick and easy, we promise.

We understand that having your photograph taken isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. If this is you, our team promise to put you at ease and make it fun for you, so we can capture you at your best.

Want to update your professional portrait? Get in touch.


Lifestyle photographs to complement your listing.

Showcase the liveability of your property to future buyers with Abode Productions’ lifestyle photographs.

Whether you’re in the real estate, construction or commercial industry, our lifestyle photography services will provide you with unique imagery to complement your listing and get future buyers thinking about how your property will work for them. Lifestyle images offer great insights to your future buyers, showcasing the size, location and unique surroundings of a property. Through eye-catching photographs, you can inform them of the potential lifestyle, business or investment returns they will enjoy upon purchase.

We design our lifestyle photographs in line with industry trends and expectations, and we deliver detailed images that will engage audiences and help you attract buyer interest in a competitive market.

Context is everything

Our skilled photographers will capture all the aspects of the area surrounding your property that make it great.

For years, our management have been behind one of Victoria’s most successful real estate photography businesses, so we know how to really show an area off. We’ll create vibrant images of any nearby beaches and parks, schools and shops, and other amenities bound to be important to buyers.

For commercial properties, we can showcase the best of your property’s location and services, placing it in the context of any amenities and nearby business areas. Our aim is to showcase your property’s wealth of business potential and lifestyle benefits. If you’re looking for even more attention for your property, we also deliver aerial photography and videography packages to capture your property from unique perspectives.

Want to start our lifestyle photographs working for your property? Get in touch.


Turn bare rooms into bookings

Abode Productions’ Airbnb and holiday rental photography service will help you capture the attention of holidaymakers and fill up your booking schedule.

Our professional photographs are bright and clean, perfect for showcasing the welcoming holiday accommodation you have on offer. We’ve been in the photography business for a long time and whether your property is cute and cosy or stylish and sleek, we have the skills to display its best aspects and make it stand apart.

Hit the road

We travel far and wide across Victoria to bring our accommodation photography service to our clients.

We’re proudly based in Geelong, but we service a long list of locations covering everywhere from the Surf Coast to The Bellarine to the Great Ocean Road. So, whether you want to set up an Airbnb to cater to travellers along the Great Ocean Road or revitalise a listing for holiday accommodation units on The Bellarine, we’re happy to make your holiday home shine. If you’re unsure whether your holiday property is in an area we might travel to, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

A holiday, not just a stay

We go the extra mile to deliver images that will grow your bookings.

To show your future guests how great the area surrounding your accommodation is, we offer additional lifestyle photographs to complement your holiday rental listing. We’ll visit the area surrounding your holiday accommodation, and take lifestyle images of the great things there are to do and see. Our pictures are designed to get prospective guests excited about not just your property, but their entire visit to the area. Our additional lifestyle photography is just part of our great service – it comes with our Airbnb and holiday accommodation photography packages.

Want to grow your Airbnb and holiday rental income? Chat to us.