Does Real Estate Video Marketing Ignite Your Sales?

Does real estate video deliver a treasure trove of leads?

It’s fair to say the last few years have all knocked us around.

A little like a robust offshore gale blowing through Port Phillip Heads. It’s been choppy.

But what kept our communities going was resilience, adaptability, and, to be frank… creativity. Things had to change fast.
Marketing, selling and buying a home the old way was pushed out to sea.

Some changes would have taken years. But Geelong agents innovated and embraced real estate video and drone photography. This helped their businesses stay viable and remain trading.

So now we are on the other side, does video production for local agents and builders still, make sense?

Video dominates the attention economy

More Australians are tuning into YouTube, with 17.5 million unique visitors monthly. Globally, we are some of the most active social media users.

An average Aussie spends two hours daily on social media and another three hours watching TV.

With all that attention, social media continues to be an excellent lead-gen source. And with video production exploding, many real estate agents and builders are taking advantage of creating Reels, Tiktoks and YouTube videos to reach new customers.

And in the US, 51% of all property searches start on YouTube.

But keeping up to date and pleasing the social media gods… can be exhausting.

So what is grabbing the attention of Millennials (and Gen Z) today?

Do you need to worry about posting to Facebook?


Why would you post to TikTok?

Isn’t it only 60-second videos?

Well, it was until recently.

But now TikTok has unlocked video uploads to ten minutes.

TikTok has created the perfect place to share and connect with future buyers.

Like your grandma on Facebook, you can reasonably expect older generations to flock to TikTok as trust builds.

Vertical video is here to stay.

And no, that doesn’t mean you must work out how to go viral. However, working on what will connect with your target audience who are interested in Geelong real estate is essential. While a viral video might make you #instafamous, it may not be the best way to sell a property in Barwon Heads.



Surprisingly, the finance industry has skyrocketed on TikTok (aka. FinTok), growing a staggering 255% in 2022.

So, if the finance industry can get a foot in the door, so can you.
78% of marketers say that video had helped increase sales.
And 87% said the ROI was very positive when they included a video in their content marketing.


Here are some ways real estate agents, builders and tradies can add a video to content marketing.


A lighthearted real estate agent profile video builds trust

A real estate agent profile video is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to new clients. And there are many ways to do it.

So you can film it vertically to post as Instagram Reels and TikTok. And then flip the camera (or your iPhone) and film the traditional 16:9 format for YouTube or your website.

But filming your video in both formats ensures you get a 2-4-1 deal, allowing you to share it.

(Which tbh is sad as the cinematic experience of 16:9 rocks over vertical, but I digress)

In your video, highlight your background. Show yourself interacting with clients. And offer essential tips on selecting a real estate agent to list.

Are you a mad Cats supporter?

Do you surf at Jan Juc most mornings?

Hit the gym?

Or enjoy a few moments to drink your morning latte on High Street, Belmont?

Weave your daily life into your video, helping uncover your personality and passions. The essential thing to share is what sets you apart from all the other agents in Geelong.

What makes you unique?

Something in your approach, process or customer service that stands out?

That past clients always call out, write in testimonials or reviews?

Finding that one thing that makes you stand out amongst your competitors and share it.


Entertaining real estate videos without humiliating yourself

Now I know what you are thinking.
You’re expecting me today you should keep up to date with the latest dance crazy on TikTok. Or some other random challenge.
Well, yes…
Sort of.
Perhaps it’s more like finding your happy space.
You know, when it just feels right.
And treading that fine line between personal and personable.

However, it does come back to your personal brand and how you position yourself across the Geelong region.

Here are some suggestions on valuable and helpful videos your can create to educate:

  • Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast property market
  • Buying and selling tips
  • Visual styling and virtual staging to sell your home
  • Property investment tips
  • Renting vs Buying
  • Home buying journey including everyone involved (e.g. think conveyancer, pest inspection, finance)

But if
Your videos don’t have to be dry, stiff and formal.
Or if you are heavily into detail and love the Geelong property market, that’s okay too. The easiest way to approach video is to be yourself.

you’re naturally funny with a great sense of humour…then let it shine.

Anything else, and people will keep swiping and switch off.

(For more inspiration, watch this collection of best and worst real estate agent videos. Complied by Aus Finance – some shockers in there 🙂 )


Builders, Carpenters: Showcase your work and craftsmanship

Imagine how customers will feel as they see a sweeping video of the staircase you have finished.

Or walk-in robes.
You are helping people see how they can transform their homes through video.

Video can highlight your work and show how stunning the finished product is. Far better than design drawings.

In the past, customers would need to visit a home where you had completed the work. Aside from it being inconvenient, it isn’t as effective as video marketing.

They are likely to have swiped and scrolled past half a dozen others before contacting you.

When you use video, you are able to emotionally connect with your customer. Stop them in their tracks. They can see themselves living in the space with your lovingly crafted work. They start to visualise themselves interacting with the finished product.

It’s a far more alluring way to present your projects.



Share captivating videos of clients’ success and testimonials

Sharing client testimonials will help improve your personal branding and foster deeper relationships.

With consumer skepticism on the rise, text testimonials aren’t as worthwhile.

And the retention rate is 95% higher with video than text.

People remember videos they have watched. More than what they read in their buying decision.

Videos testimonials help you form an emotional bond with the viewer. This increases trust, and they are more likely to take action.

Using testimonials videos helps prospective buyers see how you have supported clients in the past.

And they are delivering sales results for them



400% increase in enquires when you sell property with video

Yes, you read that right.

The latest figures from the US show that listing with video has a colossal impact on enquires.

And listings with drone video sell up to 68% faster.

Buyer behavior continues evolving. They have wised up to the dark days of Photoshop tricks.

You know, removing the odd unsightly fitting or feature.

Artificially brightening a room.

These tricks by unscrupulous agents and photographers have no place in modern real estate marketing.

Did you see the ‘Chernobyl’ green lawn in Adelaide? I mean, they weren’t even trying to hide it.

But you get the point.

No doubt local buyers like to get out and view a property.

We are thankful we have moved beyond restrictions. And many buyers relish spending a Saturday morning doing inspections.

Well, nearly as much as heading to Bunnings for a snag once they moved in and started a reno.

But before heading out the door, many home buyers have swiped, saved and liked the properties they want to inspect on social media.

In a few moments, they can view a property virtually and then quickly decide if they will go to the open.

Some are sitting at home, switching on YouTube and watching an agent’s walk-through on their TV.

Others will be swiping through a Reel or Tiktok.
But all are doing the same thing – finding a property to inspect in a way photos can never do.

And for many first home buyers being able to experience the property on their terms is hugely appealing – no agents, no keys.

Now, that’s not to say a decision to inspect is made solely on the quality of the video production.

High-quality video production with cinematic visuals and creative storytelling can transform your listing into an experience.

Your video should underscore the property’s outstanding features and finishes. And highlighting its nearby lifestyle options.

Imagine home buyers feeling connected to the property before even stepping out their door. Stunning drone footage of the property’s proximity to services, schools and local facilities.

If you are selling in St Leonards or Curlewis, make the most of the property’s location to the Bay and include drone video footage.

Or selling a terrace home in Geelong West?

Your video can highlight the trendy inner city vibe of Pakington Street.

You can subtly narrate the property’s main features before welcoming the viewer into the home to inspect.

Your videographer can then film the property with sophisticated, sweeping angles and transitions. Then in post-production add backing music to suit the property’s market positioning.

The motion of the video moving through the property gives the buyer the sense of discovering the home for themselves.

An alternative could be the video opens with you walking down Hitchcock Avenue in Barwon Heads.

You offer a brief introduction to the Geelong market and you. Then the video transitions to the selling property.

You see, the possibilities are endless.


What is the future of real estate marketing

So, what does the future hold for real estate marketing if the video is the now?

Are we transporting buyers virtually into the home, something akin to Star Trek or a galaxy far, far, away?

Well, thinks it’s possible. So the next phase in the home-buying experience will be “buyer teleportation”.

Leveraging virtual reality and 5G, you will be providing a trailblazing home-buying experience.

Prospective buyers will have an immersive experience without leaving home. And the most exciting opportunity will be buyers outside Geelong can view a property virtually.

Increasing the potential for more buyers to enter the market.

But right now, you can create an unparalleled home-buying experience with video.

(No VR headset or fancy tech needed.)

Adding high-quality cinematic and story-driven video to your listing is a no-brainer.

And filming your real estate agent profile video is a must-do. Video will continue to dominate marketing for the foreseeable future.

So whether its short-form videos are ideal for TikTok and Instagram. Or longer videos more suited to YouTube – there is a place for video alongside photography to market your next listing.

Need a Geelong Videographer for your next real estate video?


We would love to help you create videos for your listings to sell them faster. To learn more or book, contact Kara.