Virtual Styling

Stress-free virtual staging.

Our virtual staging services will grab the attention of your future buyers – without the hassle.

In today’s competitive real estate market, photographs of a beautifully-furnished property will stand out much more than an empty shell. House staging usually involves cleaning and decluttering, shifting furniture on your own, or hiring professionals to bring in fancy lounge chairs.

Our virtual staging service is cheaper, easier and faster than all of that. And it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Here’s how it works: we use images of your home to digitally place furniture in your rooms. We make sure your rooms look gorgeous – we pay attention to detail and match our furniture with any pre-existing themes and décor. We create images that showcase the best aspects of your space and get your buyers’ imaginations moving with ideas of how they might set things up once they move in.

If you’d like to have your property staged without the stress, talk to us.

Virtual Twilight

Twilight photography.

Magic happens at dusk. It’s when properties are at their most stunning: the look of the lights shining out into the front, gently-lit gardens, and bright rooms inviting you inside. Photographs taken at this time are a bold way to stand out in the market, and are quick to capture buyer attention.

Usually, there is a downside to twilight photography: the price tag. This stems from the small window of time open to take photographs, which can be quite late in the warmer months. It also comes from some complicated technicalities and editing processes we need to undertake to ensure the final images are perfect – we won’t bore you with the details!

We created our virtual twilight photography service to help our clients have their property listing stand out while avoiding the usual price tag. It’s affordable, convenient, and the end product is just as wonderful. We take images of your property, add our clever editing and production skills, and create images with all the magic and intimacy of a twilight photographic shoot.

The end result? Beautiful images that will light up your listing.

Interested in adding twilight magic to your property? Chat to us.