Drone Videographer and Aerial Photography

Aerial Lifestyle

Fly above the rest.

Based in Geelong, our drone operators are CASA-certified and fully insured.

We’ve been in the photography business a long time, so you’ll have Victoria’s leading drone operators piloting for you. Our specialist multi-rotor drones are equipped for both high-quality aerial photography and videography, so we can offer you the perfect content to fit your business. The images we produce are vibrant and high-resolution, designed to engage and excite your audience.

We know the rules, and how to navigate them. Even if flying height restrictions might make a larger landscape difficult to record, we can stitch together multiple images to still deliver you a complete image – this is known as panoramic stitching.

Flexible, affordable.

We offer affordable and flexible aerial photography packages. We are happy to tailor our services to meet your individual needs, no matter the size of your business or project. If you’d like to find out how aerial photography could work for you, get in touch.

Video Production

Aerial photography is an impressive and effective way of marketing your property in a way that ensures it stands out from the rest. Our drone pilot is CASA certified and fully insured, so with Geelong’s leading operator behind the wings of our multi-rotor drone, you can be sure he’ll capture unique and important perspectives of your property from the sky, showcasing its best assets in great detail and giving you the edge on your competition.

Our aerial images are an exciting way to highlight the size and location of your listing, as well as the proximity to the points of interest in the surrounding areas such as beaches, shopping centres, parks, schools etc, or even just to showcase the spectacular views from above.

Geelong’s CK Real Estate Photography differentiates themselves from the rest by providing drone site plans as well, perfectly capturing a birds eye view of the property to assist potential buyers in seeing the complete land layout of the residence in relation to shedding, alfresco areas and overall size of the property.

Our stunning, high resolution and vibrant aerial photos are affordable and we offer flexible packages tailored to your individual needs, no matter the size.

We can also combine aerial photography with videography for those wishing to take their listing up a notch and personalise it with a drone flyover and agent intro/outro - please see our “Video & Design” page for more information.


Drone photography really comes into its own when selling large development sites, estates, rural acreage, industrial or commercial properties, vineyards and farms.

Capturing a large parcel of land with the buildings and surroundings in its entirety speaks volumes to the potential buyer as it lets them imagine and plan the development possibilities. In order to safely obtain this, we offer a panoramic stitching service of multiple images; this lets us get full panoramic images for large properties, even if local flight restrictions make drone shots difficult. We've found this is the best way to fly responsibly and still provide quality rural aerial photos.